The Agillic Academy
Bean Program

The Bean Program has been created to celebrate those who truly mark themselves as extraordinaire Agillic configurators and users. 
Collect beans by completing bite-sized courses and climb up the ladder in the Cafe Connect hierarchy to achieve the ultimate status as Coffee Aficionado! 

Forming a plan towards the marketing of your dreams

Dreaming big is one thing. But actually materialising your dreams is our job. With the Bean Program, reaching your desired goals with Agillic is made easier than ever before. 

Get started now!

8 courses are ready for your consumption, and the catalogue will keep expanding. 



Hours of study material

At your discretion

Study in the way that fits you best. Complete courses in the order you'd like, or simply grab the information when you have the need. 

Best Practice

At the Agillic Academy, we value efficiency and perfomance. Everything you learn here is according to our guidelines on how to make your Agillic system run the best way possible.

Study Anywhere at Anytime

Our courses are always available, and you can enrolat anytime. Level up your Agillic knowledge when it fits you best.


Achieve certificates as you acquire more Beans.

Climb the Ranks


Home Brewer

Requirement: 20 Beans


Coffee Maker

Requirement: 40 Beans


Novice Grinder

Requirement: 80 Beans


Barista Trainee

Requirement: 160 Beans


Master Barista

Requirement: 320 Beans


Coffee Specialist

Requirement: 640 Beans



Requirement: 1080 Beans